Sarah Wolfsont is a design leader, experienced in building user-centered practices in product orgs.

From big public companies, to bootstrapped startups, I’ve grown the presence and impact of design by embedding practices that put user needs front and center.

An optimizer at heart, I’m always looking for ways to operationalize thorough, high quality design output that drives product outcomes.

I’m currently developing a sense-making practice at Sinch, combining customer voice data from dozens of products. I think of it like the organization’s spidey-sense.

* that fuzzy space where product management and product design can’t tell who’s who.

Selected works

JTBD Case Study

This case study from my time as the Lead Product Designer at SimpleTexting highlights how I used the Jobs To Be Done framework to streamline a core task and refine the app’s IA.

Interaction Gallery

Guiding a small team of designers at SimpleTexting, we added delight, depth, and increased usability during a high-growth phase. This interaction gallery highlights some of my favorite changes.

Project Selection

Always a geek about workflows, and storytelling, I’ve compiled a selection of projects highlighting the breadth of work I do within an organization.


Headshot of Sarah

Sarah Wolfsont is a product designer with 10+ years of hands-on experience, a formal design background, and a love of creating delightful business tools.

Now in the practice of leadership, Sarah has led scrappy start-up design teams, globally distributed teams, and design research programs. She loves the team vibe of working internally at product companies where the user experience makes a difference.


Nice Words

Not only is Sarah a top-notch technical designer, she is gregarious, creative, and possesses a solid work ethic and a perfectionist’s mindset.

Donald Brinkman
Program Manager, Microsoft Research

Sarah brought strong leadership skills, a lot of contagious energy, and deft client management skills. If I ever started a company, Sarah would be at the top of the list of people I would want to hire.

Ryan Nee
Creative Director, Markit on Demand (now part of S&P Global)

Sarah is an exceptional design leader. She possesses the ability to assemble outstanding teams, establish efficient systems, and deliver results. However, her talents extend beyond design leadership; she excels in driving product development and filling gaps in product leadership. Sarah is truly an outstanding all-around leader, brilliantly intelligent, and an absolute joy to collaborate with.

Gene Sigalov
Founder, SimpleTexting

You lead with such kindness and complete competency. I love how you’re still getting on the tools when required and are never afraid to get your hands dirty on a project.

Matt Tsourdalakis
UX Manager, Sinch

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